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Learning in a Post-Apocalyptic Vault

In an undisclosed location in Europe, we escaped from a post-apocalyptic vault and saved humanity (you’re welcome!)  Even though the booking software for the company said that there was a minimum of three people needed for the room, we still signed up for it, hoping they’d let us play with two people when we got there. Once we arrived, the game master shared quite a long monologue (that got emotional at times) about how she wanted us to have a good experience; how she went through it with just two people and it was a horrible experience; and while she would leave it up to us if we wanted to continue that she really thought we shouldn’t. Phew! That was exhausting just writing about how she tried to dissuade us from playing the room.

Of course we played the room and had a blast! We escaped the vault, overthrew the evil robots, shot our way out of the robot’s military zone and crawled through the sewers (which thankfully did not smell like sewers) to get back up to the Earth’s surface. The only frustrating moments we had were when we interacted with the game master who was not paying attention to our progress as she should have been and kept giving clues to things we had already solved.

We had quite a bit of learning from this experience, and we hope the game master learned a little something as well. The primary learning point is that two people can have completely different experiences of the same situation. So don’t let your failures define other’s experiences and, vice versa, don’t let other’s failures define your experience. Of course, it is crucial to learn from our failures as well as those of others; however, if you want to go after something – do it!

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