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Trapped by Aliens

We were a team of three this time – trapped in a military bunker by aliens. Thankfully, we worked together very well as a team, we knew how to come together to work on issues, and we knew how to divide and conquer when necessary. One team member got particularly cranky as we were trying to work our way into the control room to override the bunker’s security system; however, the rest of us were understanding and supportive as it had been a difficult escape attempt thus far.

As we got closer to the final task required to escape the bunker (with only 10 minutes before the aliens returned to check on our captivity status), we became stumped. There was a voltage sign on the cage we had just entered. When we looked through a periscope we found in the cage; we saw the same voltage sign upside down. What was up with that? Since we work so well as a team, we each took turns trying to figure out why the sign was upside down and what it signified. It took a couple of minutes, which is a long time when you have only 10 minutes left, but one team member noticed that there was a color difference in a couple of the letters on the sign. We ended up asking for a clue to help us decipher the difference from the game master and found that we needed to identify the differences between the signs to get the code to unlock the final door.

We learned several lessons while escaping the aliens that day. The main takeaway from this successful escape is that when you expect to see something – it limits your ability to see anything else. We assumed the only difference between the signs was that one was upside down, so we couldn’t see anything else. This is why it is essential to keep an open mind, rely on your teammates to step in, and, ultimately, to ask for help when you’re stuck.

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