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Breaking the Rules in a Dark Carnival

We found ourselves trapped in a carnival this time – one that many children have gone missing at over the last thirty years. Our team was tasked with uncovering the individual behind the disappearances and bring him or her to justice. We had fun playing several of the carnival games to find different clues bringing us close to accessing to the ringmaster’s tent, which we believed would help us uncover who is responsible for the disappearances.

Unfortunately, we got stumped on the shooting gallery game. We had to shoot a laser into targets quickly to get certain numbers to light up. There were lines on the floor that the shooter could choose to shoot from, each labeled based on the difficulty level: hard, medium, easy. One player started at the medium line and did not beat the game. Another player tried the easy line and could not beat the game. Finally, another player, who did not allow himself to be bound by assumed constraints, took the gun directly up to the target and shot the laser into each of the required holes quickly and easily. We gained access to the ringmaster’s tent and discovered the perpetrator soon after that.

We often allow assumed constraints to limit how we experience life. Assumed constraints are simply beliefs that limit our experience. Because we saw the lines on the floor, we believed we had to stand behind them to shoot the targets. How often are we doing this to ourselves in life? We believe we must play by a certain ruleset, but do we? We’re not referring to breaking laws or our organization’s rules; however, we often come up with constraints that hold us back, not even realizing that they are rules we created. What areas of your life are you limiting yourself based on your assumed constraints?

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