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Live Video Escape Rooms Can Help You Stay Sane During Quarantine

You have to love human ingenuity, especially in the face of adversity! I’ve seen so many new and inventive ways of doing things since most of the world has been under stay-at-home orders to reduce the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Being at home more has given us many opportunities to spend time with the family, get those home projects done, and engage in some reflection on what’s essential in life. However, there does come a time when one needs something else to divert their attention – something novel to boost the mood. Not to mention, there are some of us working in industries that had to close up shop and are worried about where that next paycheck is coming from.

When “non-essential” businesses were forced to close, we become concerned about our beloved escape room industry. How were the owners and game masters doing? Were they going to be there once things moved into the new normal of post-quarantine days? Selfishly, we were also concerned because we did not want to take time away from our favorite thing to do together as husband and wife- and as Escapeletes (escape room athletes). Little did we know that several escape room locations were busy preparing for the new normal as soon as they were shut down. Enter the live video escape room – another tremendous human innovation in the face of adversity!

You can now complete escape rooms all over the world from the comfort of your home! In a live video escape room, you are connected with an “avatar” in an escape room via an online conferencing tool, such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. The avatar (game master) shows you around the room, and then you direct them to look at different things, search through areas, and work puzzles. How genius is that? Since the first remote escape room experience was announced, we’ve done rooms in Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, California, Colorado, and Florida. We have many more scheduled over the next month – we’re so excited to announce that we will travel the world doing escape rooms from the comfort and safety of our home. Not only are we enjoying novel experiences and interacting with people all over the world, but we are also doing our part to keep our cherished escape room industry running.

We hope escape rooms continue to do this after the quarantine is over, as it has allowed us to do rooms in countries that we most likely will not visit in our lifetime. If you are interested in trying one out (in addition to supporting small business owners), go to LiveVideoEscapeRooms.com to check out a directory of experiences awaiting you.

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