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Lessons from an Insane Dentist

For this adventure, an insane dentist locked us in his dental clinic. We had to uncover clues located throughout the room to liberate ourselves before we became his next victims. As soon as we entered the room, several team members narrowed their focus to decipher a code they found in a sink (after we drained a pool of blood from it). Since it involved math and a substitution code, they began diligently working on it in an attempt to open a nearby lock.

The other team members, who prefer not to do the math, continued searching throughout the room. One team member found several clues concerning the substitution part of the sink formula but couldn’t quite make the connection as to how it could help. The team member working on the sink clue was so focused, they could not be torn away to help figure out how they relate.

After asking for a clue from the game master, the team was able to find the missing connection in how the clue related to the formula in the sink and were able to decipher the code for the lock quickly. How often do we get faced with a problem in life and we completely focus on how it needs to be solved, even if it doesn’t appear that we may have all of the necessary information? By becoming tunnel-focused on the problem in front of us, we are neglecting to look up at other possible creative solutions for working through a challenge. The next time you feel yourself getting tunnel vision on a particular challenge, put it down, do something else, and you might find the connection you need to solve the issue.

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