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Tea For One

One of our escapeletes had fallen down a rabbit hole and found himself in a room full of doors.  Usually, we find ourselves in these predicaments as a team, but one escapelete was ill, so the other had to meet the Mad Hatter for tea alone.  After finding a missing doorknob, and sneaking into the Queen’s garden, our lone escapelete felt he was doing okay.  Although he realized what felt most different about this adventure so far, it was almost entirely silent.  As a team, we are usually communicating and passing information to each other, but he was by himself this time.  And he couldn’t figure out his next step. 

Wait, was he really alone?  The gamemaster had been watching him the whole time – but out of sight.  Supportive gamemasters will typically give you hints or help, but our escapelete wasn’t asking for any; instead, he was utterly silent.  Time to change how the game is played – he started saying out loud what he was thinking as he was working through the puzzles, and suddenly a tinkling sound came from the room of doors.  His gamemaster was giving him a nudge with a clue.  The clue cascaded quickly into the solutions for two more puzzles.  Our lone escpapelete was soon into the Queen’s castle and subsequently arrived at the Mad Hatter’s tea party.  At two points of time, while escaping the Queen’s castle, the gamemaster had to physically enter the room and help our solitary escapelete with puzzles that required more than one individual to operate. What a great gamemaster!

While our single escapelete completed the room “by himself,” it struck him that so often when we think we are alone, we overlook that we are surrounded by support ready to help.  Our coworkers, friends, family, and bosses are there and capable of giving us advice, support, or relief if we just ask. Ask for help, for f%#&’s sake!

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