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Napping In Dracula’s Coffin

For this adventure, we were a team of vampire hunters, seeking to end Dracula’s rein of terror upon our village. We worked our way into his lair, which looked surprisingly like a living room with a coffin as a coffee table. Although we could tell that we hadn’t reached his actual nest as it didn’t have the stench of death that we were expecting. We only had 60 minutes before the sun went down, and Dracula awakened from his nest to defeat our efforts (and drink our blood, of course!).

Halfway through our investigation of Dracula’s living room, we found a way to open the coffin. We still had hope that he would be within the coffin, but were disappointed when we saw the coffin was empty. Interestingly, the coffin looked extremely comfortable as it was lined with a soft fabric and contained a pillow and a fluffy blanket. Without hesitation, one member of the team jumped in and shut the lid to see what clue was found within. It took a while to figure out the puzzle within the coffin, and the team member was so comfortable that they considered taking a short snooze while their fellow escapelete continued searching around the room.

We were able to decipher the clue, which led us through a secret passageway and into the real nest of Dracula. We were able to impale him and escape with seconds left before the sun sunk below the horizon. This was quite a feat considering the escapelete that did not hesitate to jump into the coffin and close the lid had a mild panic attack being shut in one just one year before this adventure. However, after that experience – and ensuring that anytime there was a tight space, that they were the team member to forge ahead – a mild fear was conquered. Our adventure reminded us that when we are brave enough to face our fears time and time again – stretching outside of our comfort zone– we expand our comfort zone. We go from having a mild panic attack in a coffin to considering taking a short snooze. What are you doing to face your fears and expand that comfort zone? Perhaps a nap in Dracula’s coffin will do you some good, too!

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