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Following the Yellow Brick Road

We started our journey in a dark and foreboding forest. It was nerve-wracking as we searched for a way out of the woods, as  flying monkeys could invade at any time. The yellow brick road was below our feet, so we knew that if we could just get the gate at the edge of the forest, we could follow it to our freedom. After searching through the trees around us (pretty much every part of them!), we were able to locate four pieces of a code to put together to open the gate.

Yay! Freedom! Or was it? Nope – we were now in a castle. The yellow brick road took us through the castle and to the front door, which, of course, was locked. A thorough search of the castle and we were able to uncover a fountain that, when adjusted correctly, popped open the front door. Okay, now we were free – of the castle. We found ourselves in a vast cavern filled will all kinds of cool things. It looked like a tornado had gone through the area, and it was our job to pick through the debris to locate items that would complete our journey. We needed a heart, a brain, ruby shoes, and a few other things to release us from this world.

Being the trained explorers that we are, we made sure to uncover every aspect of that room, even looking up as sometimes important clues can be found above. At least… we thought we had discovered every part of the room . We realized, when we got stuck on the very last puzzle to gain our freedom, that we had missed out on a big part of the forest, castle, and cavern – the floor. We were so busy taking in all of the sights that we forgot to look down. The yellow brick road, when carefully examined, contained several clues to the final code of our journey. We were able to follow the yellow brick road to the end and liberate ourselves before the tornado came back to wreak more havoc on the area.

There are so many potential lessons to be learned from this experience. Initially, we found ourselves overwhelmed because there was so much to look at in the set-like quality of the rooms. So our first lesson was to take some time to take it all in before rushing to hunt for clues. Taking just five minutes to enjoy the forest, castle, and cavern for the ingenious creativity would have allowed our minds to relax and look for clues and puzzles more effectively. Relating this to life – sometimes we need to give ourselves a few minutes to stop and smell the roses; to enjoy the beauty of life around us and build those quality relationships that will make it so much more meaningful. The other lesson is that we need to examine our path carefully (literally in this case!) so as not to miss out on any of the signs that lead us to where we want to go.

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