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Finding Closure in a Strange Underground Market

We found ourselves in an underground market. One that required a secret code to enter and had all sorts of wares for sale that you couldn’t find anywhere else on Earth (was it secretly run by aliens?) The clock was ticking, and we only had so much time to get all of the items on our list. To earn enough coin for the weird list of requests from our clients, we had to work through many different types of puzzles. We still had two to three puzzles unsolved when the countdown timer buzzed.

The feeling of still having items left on our list to purchase was one of a letdown. We had failed our customers – or so we thought. The manager of the market congratulated us for getting the highest score on “the board.” Other previous shoppers had not solved as many puzzles or earned as much coin as we had. It was interesting to find that even though we had essentially “won” the game, we didn’t get to do all of the puzzles, so our brains wouldn’t let us celebrate.

Have you ever gone after a goal that you essentially accomplished, but not in the way that you anticipated? It feels different. In situations such as these, we need to help our brains to accept this as a win. There are many ways to do this; however, we decided that we would have a celebratory lunch for scoring the highest on the leader board.

Here are some resources to help further:

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