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Fired by Text While Escaping Mount Olympus

Our junior escapelete, Alyssa Eanes, wrote the following escape room learning adventure:

I’m sure a lot of us weren’t prepared for the first time we were fired from a job. I’m here to share the first time and only time I’ve ever been fired – it’s a good one!

We, the Escapeletes, were on our second or third room (who can remember the order of rooms when you did nine in one day the day before?) We were there on a birthday escapecation, doing some beautifully designed rooms! The set-life quality was terrific, the flow of the puzzles made sense, and I even had the opportunity to meet an online friend I’d known for years. We needed a fourth body to be able to complete the location’s beautiful medieval dungeon room!

As I was saying goodbye to my friend, I received a text from my boss at the time. Despite usually leaving messages from work unread in my inboxes, I decided to read it – right before we headed in to escape Mount Olympus and the craziness of the Gods. It was a simple text. “Hey Alyssa, I don’t think this is working out. I will send your last paycheck to your address.” Yes, I had been fired through a text from my boss while I was in another state on vacation, a day before my birthday. I was quiet as the game master explained the rules, and the adventure began.

Shortly after we started examining how to overcome the crazy antics of the Olympian Gods, I was overcome with emotions. I shared this with the other escapeletes, and they expressed anger and worry with me. But we had a mission to complete, so I breathed through it, let myself feel the emotions for a moment before deciding that I couldn’t do anything about it. I was on vacation. My birthday was the next day. I was in another state. So, we escaped! And then my fellow escapeletes treated me to a little cake slice at the bakery next door. We talked it through, I texted my boss a nice message, and we moved on.

It’s never easy losing a job that abruptly, but it was good for me. I wasn’t happy there. The employees working there (and the boss) were toxic people. Once I allowed myself to work through the initial emotions and come up with a plan on how to proceed, I was able to see the good in what had just happened—even if it sucked.

Let yourself do the same! Work through your emotions. Don’t feel bad about that, either. We’re humans. We have emotions. So, let yourself get through them, and once you’ve cried your eyes out, or screamed your heart out, move on! Take a deep breath and make a plan! You got this!

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