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Stuck in Wonderland

Our junior escapelete, Alyssa Eanes, wrote the following escape room learning adventure:

We found ourselves stuck deep in the forest of Wonderland for this adventure. We were unsure where to go and what to do next. We’d searched the room several times, tested locks, and triple-examined various items we had gathered for future puzzles. We’d even carefully examined a towering stack of books, artfully used to create a “doorway” to another part of the room.

In our search, we noticed a worn copy of the “Alice in Wonderland” book near the bottom of the stack, but both escapletes present had tugged at it without success in removing it. So, we were stuck. We asked for a clue from the giant caterpillar in the room, and he told us to, “Look for the best book ever.” It had to be the Alice in Wonderland book we’d been tugging at, right? We went back to pull at it again, and it still wouldn’t budge. So, one of us used our entire body to pull at the book, and it finally popped out from the stack. We were able to get the last piece for the next puzzle we needed to complete!

Both escapletes on this adventure are well known for being persistent –  so, why did we allow ourselves to get tripped up over this book? We put a limitation on ourselves. “We shouldn’t be tugging harder than this,” even though, logically, it had to be part of the room—I mean, it’s a well-worn Alice in Wonderland book that looks like it’s been tugged at before. The lesson in this adventure for you is this – quit limiting yourself! Reflect on where in your life you aren’t “tugging” hard enough. If you want that promotion, go and get it. If you want to open that business, go and do it! You’re the only person that’s putting limitations on yourself, so go for the stars!

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