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Being Happy With Good Enough in a Wizard’s Lair

Our team’s mission was to break a death curse cast by an evil wizard. We started in his study, uncovering clues as to how he cast the spell and very quickly worked our way into his dungeon, where a poor dragon was caged and roaring quite loudly. It was hard to think at times with all the noise (poor suffering dragon!), but we were able to work our way through several puzzles. We liberated the required seven wands to complete the counter-spell and were feeling pretty good about the time left to complete the gathering of the ingredients in time to overcome the curse.

As we looked around, we saw several more locks that we knew we’d need to figure out how to open, so we sped up our searching for the clues to open them. After a few minutes, we decided to focus on our attention on gathering the ingredients for the counter-spell and made sure we had them in the right order on the spell-casting platform. We wanted to get to those other locks, but it appeared that the spell creation puzzle was our highest priority. We got everything together, cast the spell, and the curse was lifted! The door to the dungeon burst open, and we were informed that we saved the kingdom. What? Wait – there were several locks we didn’t open?

We found out that we had skipped a few puzzles by figuring stuff out on our own. It is interesting the feelings that can arise during this process – you were successful, but you didn’t finish at 100%. A sense of accomplishment, while also experiencing a bit of a letdown. This, my friends, was a lesson in being okay with “good enough.” Actually – let’s work on being completely satisfied with “good enough.” Unless, of course, you are conducting some sort of high-risk activity like flying a plane, managing a nuclear reactor, etc. In that case, please maintain a zero-tolerance of mistakes mindset.

Here are some resources to help you be satisfied with not doing it perfectly every time:

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