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Never Give Up, Never Surrender (When Searching for a Zombie Cure)

Our team was responsible for saving the human race by liberating the cure for a nasty virus in a zombie-filled mad scientist’s lab. We started in his office, quickly gaining access to a room that appeared to be solely for storing his weird collection of dolls (what?), and then found the secret entrance to his lab. We had a bit of trouble with a few of the puzzles as we couldn’t intuitively figure them out as we do most puzzles – I guess he was more of the “mad” part than the “scientist” part.

Our team already had a level of frustration from sometimes illogical puzzles; so when we looked up at the timer, seeing that we only had three minutes left to escape with the cure, and then looked around the room as noticed that several locks were still not open, we felt the level of frustration rise. This is the point in every escape room where you start grappling in your head – should I push forward and keep going to the end, or should I give up since it’s obvious we are going to fail?

Time was ticking – what the hell – let’s keep going. Interestingly enough, we found a password that we entered into a database, that gave us another code that opened two locks. These two locks led to handles, which required us to form a human chain to activate an electrical current. The current caused a box to open up and out popped the cure. When we grabbed the cure, the door to the lab opened, and we made our escape – with just under a minute left! All of that happened in just over two minutes – a mere 120 seconds!

As they aptly stated in the 2011 movie Galaxy Quest – “Never give up, never surrender!” If we had followed our initial thoughts that failure was imminent, we would not have gotten out of the room. Instead, we decided to move forward and do our best. Persevere, people, persevere!

Here are some resources to help you do just that:

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