We found ourselves in yet another serial killer’s lair. We started in a seemingly innocuous maintenance office, soon finding out that there was a secret entrance into the actual lair where the serial killer played out his sick fantasies. He wasn’t a very organized offender, as various bodies and body parts were strewn about the secret room. The atmosphere was quite immersive – we felt like we were in a movie. At one point, we encountered some bathroom stalls, one containing a chained-up body and the other filled to the brim with very realistic poop. Thankfully the immersive experience did not include smell. One partner is exceptional at yelling “not it” when these challenges present themselves, so the other was forced to dig through the poop to find a much-needed clue to help the team escape the lair unscathed.

Once the clue was located, the partner digging through the poop felt it was appropriate to throw some of it at the other, and a short poop fight ensued. Thankfully, the team could refocus after some laughs and escape with evidence before the serial killer returned. Escape rooms teach us so much about life. While this one, at least we hope, doesn’t get translated to literally throwing poop at those in your life during tense situations, it demonstrates how important a little humor and fun is when you are collaborating on a challenge in work or life.

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