On another adventure, we unexpectedly found ourselves in the dark. The experience started out exciting enough as we were in a tunnel excavating beautiful jewels before the dwarves returned. We were able to grab a few before we heard several dwarves approaching, and we had to exit by crawling through a newly opened side tunnel. Then, we found ourselves in complete darkness and with several challenges we needed to overcome before safely exiting the tunnel system. We became increasingly frustrated as we completed each challenge because they were tedious and sometimes outside our strongest skill sets. At one point, we had to mimic the sounds of a song by pulling on musical ropes to recreate the song. Neither team member is musically inclined, so this challenge was tiresome and infuriating.

Thankfully, we could overcome our frustration to accomplish the tasks and break free of the tunnels before the dwarves caught us. Upon review, we identified several parallels between our escape experience and life. Our experiences will not always be pleasant, sometimes leading to extreme frustration. Still, we must focus on moving through it, and things will eventually brighten up (sometimes literally as you leave the tunnel of frustration)!

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