We found yet another deranged serial killer’s cabin in the woods (this is probably the 30th or 40th cabin we’ve found in our almost 1,000 adventures). This time, however, we would be the heroes if we succeeded as we discovered that he had kidnapped and trapped a few campers, and we were there to save them. We started going through the cabin to look for clues on where each camper was imprisoned and ways we could liberate them when we realized that the cabin had no air conditioning. It was getting more difficult as time ticked on to focus as we were hot and sweating. Since we were extremely uncomfortable, managing our emotions became difficult, and frustration levels ran high.

We successfully liberated the kidnapped campers; however, it was no easy task. We had to each handle our own discomfort while also managing our emotions, so we didn’t take our distress out on each other. In addition, while being uncomfortable and frustrated, we had to be patient with each other and not take things personally when one of us overshared our frustration with the situation. Yet another parallel with life is how important (and difficult) it is to manage ourselves internally and externally when we are emotionally charged and attempting to collaborate effectively with others. What are some ways that you manage your frustration when interacting with others?

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