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Patience with an Emotional Meltdown in a Haunted Orphanage

Our friend in Austria sent out an urgent call for help. She found herself locked in a haunted orphanage and could not find her way out. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders, we could only help her via a video call. We could tell the atmosphere in the room was pretty scary,...Read More

Being Happy With Good Enough in a Wizard’s Lair

Our team’s mission was to break a death curse cast by an evil wizard. We started in his study, uncovering clues as to how he cast the spell and very quickly worked our way into his dungeon, where a poor dragon was caged and roaring quite loudly. It was hard to think at times with...Read More

Never Give Up, Never Surrender (When Searching for a Zombie Cure)

Our team was responsible for saving the human race by liberating the cure for a nasty virus in a zombie-filled mad scientist’s lab. We started in his office, quickly gaining access to a room that appeared to be solely for storing his weird collection of dolls (what?), and then found the secret entrance to his...Read More

Finding Closure in a Strange Underground Market

We found ourselves in an underground market. One that required a secret code to enter and had all sorts of wares for sale that you couldn’t find anywhere else on Earth (was it secretly run by aliens?) The clock was ticking, and we only had so much time to get all of the items on...Read More

Fired by Text While Escaping Mount Olympus

Our junior escapelete, Alyssa Eanes, wrote the following escape room learning adventure: I’m sure a lot of us weren’t prepared for the first time we were fired from a job. I’m here to share the first time and only time I’ve ever been fired – it’s a good one! We, the Escapeletes, were on our...Read More

Stuck in Wonderland

Our junior escapelete, Alyssa Eanes, wrote the following escape room learning adventure: We found ourselves stuck deep in the forest of Wonderland for this adventure. We were unsure where to go and what to do next. We’d searched the room several times, tested locks, and triple-examined various items we had gathered for future puzzles. We’d...Read More

Following the Yellow Brick Road

We started our journey in a dark and foreboding forest. It was nerve-wracking as we searched for a way out of the woods, as  flying monkeys could invade at any time. The yellow brick road was below our feet, so we knew that if we could just get the gate at the edge of the...Read More

Listening to the Rants of a Mad Inmate

We found ourselves in another cell block – this time, one in the infamous prison of Alcatraz. After a few minutes of creatively putting together items in our cell, we knew how we had to break out. It’s funny how often the guards will leave the keys within reach of a crudely fashioned extension pole....Read More

Napping In Dracula’s Coffin

For this adventure, we were a team of vampire hunters, seeking to end Dracula’s rein of terror upon our village. We worked our way into his lair, which looked surprisingly like a living room with a coffin as a coffee table. Although we could tell that we hadn’t reached his actual nest as it didn’t...Read More

Chased By A Zombie

We found ourselves in another zombie pandemic. Unfortunately, this time we somehow got separated in a warehouse, and there was a zombie somewhere in there with us (we could hear him groaning and banging). Thankfully, even though we started our adventure separated and in total darkness, we were both able to find a flashlight and...Read More