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Breaking the Rules in a Dark Carnival

We found ourselves trapped in a carnival this time – one that many children have gone missing at over the last thirty years. Our team was tasked with uncovering the individual behind the disappearances and bring him or her to justice. We had fun playing several of the carnival games to find different clues bringing...Read More

Appreciating the Voyage (Even While Locked Up in a Pirate’s Brig)

We found ourselves on another pirate ship. This time we were locked in separate cells in the brig and had the mission of freeing ourselves from the cells, going through the captain’s quarters to find a map revealing the location of hidden treasure, and then finding a way off the ship. We felt like we...Read More

Allowing for Failure in an Abandoned Asylum

There were three of us locked in an asylum doctor’s office. The mad doctor was performing dark experiments on the patients before a mysterious fire and our team was tasked with investigating this claim in the now-abandoned asylum. We quickly searched the office and found several clues as to the doctor’s mad experiments, including some...Read More

Trapped by Aliens

We were a team of three this time – trapped in a military bunker by aliens. Thankfully, we worked together very well as a team, we knew how to come together to work on issues, and we knew how to divide and conquer when necessary. One team member got particularly cranky as we were trying...Read More

The Leader Makes the Weather

We were on Day Two of a six-day escape-cation and were excited to have a day full of escape rooms (nine total!). The first three escapes were quite fun – locked in yet another serial killer’s lair, trapped on yet another cursed pirate ship, and locked in yet another jail. For the fourth escape we...Read More

Trapped in a Cage

In an undisclosed location in Europe, we had the pleasure of beta-testing a new escape room. Beta-testing means that the room was not yet open to the general public as they were testing out the different puzzles and tech in the room, in particular seeing how it translates for the English speaking escapees. In this...Read More

Lessons from the Darkness

On a recent trip to Europe we had the novel adventure of doing an escape room in complete darkness. After doing so many escape rooms, the novel gets more and more exciting (and a bit scary as well!) Going into the room we weren’t sure what to expect – an escape room in total darkness?...Read More

Learning in a Post-Apocalyptic Vault

In an undisclosed location in Europe, we escaped from a post-apocalyptic vault and saved humanity (you’re welcome!)  Even though the booking software for the company said that there was a minimum of three people needed for the room, we still signed up for it, hoping they’d let us play with two people when we got...Read More