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What is an Escapelete?

An athlete is trained in sports or other forms of physical exercise, leading to exceptional skills in their chosen sport. An Escapelete [pronounced escapeleet] is an escape room athlete – an individual who is proficient in making it through an escape room experience while honing their skills as an individual and as a team member.

Once the escape room addiction commenced, we quickly discovered that the skills necessary to work through an escape room experience translated well into being successful in life. Sure, escape rooms are being utilized in the corporate team building arena, but we found that the skills applied to life in general, making us better human beings. We decided to become proficient escapletes to share our learning experiences with you. Escapeletes.com provides several resources to help you achieve more in life, along with the other websites created by Christina: QuitBleepingAround.com and SecretToSuperProductivity.com.