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We had been battling a particularly nasty demon for almost 90 minutes. Our first task was to gain access to the church he possessed. Then, after cleansing the church, we crawled through a tunnel and found his inner lair. In this secret cave deep below the church, we had to organize lasers in a certain way to activate a portal to send him back to hell – or so we thought. We found the perfect configuration for the lasers, started them, and then… nothing! Yikes – he was close to breaking through the bonds we had created and taking our souls. This was too much pressure, and nothing was working. We couldn’t understand as we’d banished several other demons before, and those lasers worked immediately.

Remembering lessons learned from past escape experiences, we realized that this was another time our experience was probably getting in the way. We had to step back and open our minds, pretending we had never sent a demon through a portal to hell. We then realized that we had to perform a series of four laser configurations before banishing the demon forever. We did so just before he broke his bonds, saving the world from his wrath.  Upon reflecting on the experience and how it related to our lives, we identified several times we had made assumptions at work and home based on our expertise in various areas and how that previous experience got in our way rather than helping us. Lesson learned – when feeling stuck, attempt a “beginner’s mind,” where you look at something with fresh eyes and break through the assumptions that keep you from progressing.