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Listening to the Rants of a Mad Inmate

We found ourselves in another cell block – this time, one in the infamous prison of Alcatraz. After a few minutes of creatively putting together items in our cell, we knew how we had to break out. It’s funny how often the guards will leave the keys within reach of a crudely fashioned extension pole....Read More

Napping In Dracula’s Coffin

For this adventure, we were a team of vampire hunters, seeking to end Dracula’s rein of terror upon our village. We worked our way into his lair, which looked surprisingly like a living room with a coffin as a coffee table. Although we could tell that we hadn’t reached his actual nest as it didn’t...Read More

Chased By A Zombie

We found ourselves in another zombie pandemic. Unfortunately, this time we somehow got separated in a warehouse, and there was a zombie somewhere in there with us (we could hear him groaning and banging). Thankfully, even though we started our adventure separated and in total darkness, we were both able to find a flashlight and...Read More

Tea For One

One of our escapeletes had fallen down a rabbit hole and found himself in a room full of doors.  Usually, we find ourselves in these predicaments as a team, but one escapelete was ill, so the other had to meet the Mad Hatter for tea alone.  After finding a missing doorknob, and sneaking into the...Read More

Lessons from an Insane Dentist

For this adventure, an insane dentist locked us in his dental clinic. We had to uncover clues located throughout the room to liberate ourselves before we became his next victims. As soon as we entered the room, several team members narrowed their focus to decipher a code they found in a sink (after we drained...Read More

Live Video Escape Rooms Can Help You Stay Sane During Quarantine

You have to love human ingenuity, especially in the face of adversity! I’ve seen so many new and inventive ways of doing things since most of the world has been under stay-at-home orders to reduce the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Being at home more has given us many opportunities to spend time with the...Read More

Expectations in Escaping the Silence

Having done hundreds of escape rooms, we’ve grown to get excited about novel escape room experiences. For example, we enjoyed doing a room in complete darkness, liberating ourselves from an escape boat (yes – a real boat on the water), and even breaking out of a coffin (yes – a real coffin!). We were extremely...Read More

Breaking the Rules in a Dark Carnival

We found ourselves trapped in a carnival this time – one that many children have gone missing at over the last thirty years. Our team was tasked with uncovering the individual behind the disappearances and bring him or her to justice. We had fun playing several of the carnival games to find different clues bringing...Read More

Appreciating the Voyage (Even While Locked Up in a Pirate’s Brig)

We found ourselves on another pirate ship. This time we were locked in separate cells in the brig and had the mission of freeing ourselves from the cells, going through the captain’s quarters to find a map revealing the location of hidden treasure, and then finding a way off the ship. We felt like we...Read More