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Find All The Fingers Before Trying To Solve The Riddle

We escaped the zombie hoard by taking cover in a cabin. It appears the previous occupants had planned well for the apocalypse as the place was full of weapons and supplies. It also seems that they weren’t so lucky in avoiding the zombies, as we found one chained up in a closet. Perhaps one of...Read More

Toilet Paper Leads to Freedom

We found ourselves in another prison cell – this one located on the infamous Alcatraz Island. The previous cell occupant had found a way to escape, the only successful escape in the history of the place thus far, and had left several clues for us to follow his lead. The cell was your typical 10...Read More

Magicians Can Pop Up Anywhere

An evil magician had stolen a book of secrets, and it was our mission to infiltrate his secret lair to help recover it. As we worked our way through the various traps that the magician had set for us, we gained confidence in our ability to complete this mission – until the magician started popping...Read More

Mad Scientists Are Exhausting

We were part of a team of scientists sent to help a fellow scientist who had gotten infected with our latest work. Knowing that she would soon delve deep into madness, she had chained herself up in the lab. As she descended into madness, she created a number of clues and puzzles pointing us in...Read More

Trouble Staying On Task As A Test Subject

We agreed to be test subjects for a scientist who wanted to test our team skills for this adventure. We knew we were signing up for quite a challenge as the scientist usually only allowed teams of six to participate in the experiment. Still, since we are quite experienced escapeletes (pronounced escape-leets, for escape room...Read More

Getting Started When The Ghost Leaves You In The Dark

We received a strange request from our favorite uncle.  In the note, he asked us to come to his manor and find his golden amulet.  We remembered the amulet from spending time at his estate as children. Here’s what’s weird, though –  our uncle had been dead for almost a decade!  But the handwriting was...Read More

Overthinking In A Serial Killer’s Lair

Being the helpful citizens that we are, we pulled over to help a stranded motorist. At least that is the last thing we remember. We woke up inside the bottom of a deep well with no apparent way out. There were four of us on this adventure, so we quickly split up and started searching...Read More

Avoiding Pitfalls in a Pitfall

We were in South America, searching for the entrance to a mine that had collapsed over 75 years ago, trapping a fortune in gold worth millions of dollars.  As we searched, the earth shook, and the ground collapsed right under our feet, sending us into a hidden pitfall and trapping us in the lost mine. ...Read More

Coping With The Sugar Rush

We were in the famous candy factory trying to ascertain what made these confectionaries so delectable.  What was the secret ingredient?  Was it true genius or something nefarious?  As our team made it into the main factory floor, we realized that we weren’t communicating with each other while we were speaking to each other.  We...Read More

Teamwork 101 With Super Villains

As super villains, we had to act fast. We only had 60 minutes to work together as a team to get our city-annihilating laser up and running so we could take over the world. Here’s the problem, though – we’re super villains, and we’re not big fans of working together as a team. On top...Read More