Developing Yourself Can Be Fun! The Life Is An Escape Room book, blog, and podcast explore how the skills you gain playing escape rooms with intention will make you more successful in all aspects of your life. Escape rooms are a fun way to learn about perception, communication, leadership, how to have better relationships, and so much more! Each blog and podcast episode provides entertaining and insightful advice (and exciting stories!)  from enthusiasts, game masters, game designers, and others to help you improve your professional and personal life skills. Find out how a booby-trapped Egyptian tomb, following a pirate’s treasure map, and saving the world from the Zombie virus can improve your life.

Hello, fellow escapeletes (pronounced escape-leets)! Christina and Jeff Eanes here and we have a confession to make – we are obsessed with escape rooms. If you’re not sure what an escape room is, it is pretty much what it sounds like. You get “locked” in a room for 45 minutes to an hour, and you have to solve several puzzles to “escape” the room. Due to health and safety laws in most countries, you’re never really officially locked in the room. There are thousands of these locations around the world with each room at every business having a different theme (for the most part). For example, recent escapes we made were from prison; a cabin out in the woods before a serial killer got to us; and a mad scientist’s lab where not only did we escape the lab, but we also saved humanity from the zombie virus by stealing the antidote (you’re welcome!)

Rooms Completed
Success Rate

We currently have a 97% escape rate. We have to update these numbers constantly. (We did say we were addicted, didn’t we?)

Christina utilizes the learning from these escape rooms to enhance her speeches, workshops, and podcast series (Eanes Training). Jeff spends his days keeping our country safe with a great team of folks at that huge pentagon-shaped building near Washington, D.C.

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