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​In the heart of an enigmatic European landscape, we embarked on a thrilling escape from a post-apocalyptic vault, daring to rescue humanity (you owe us one!). Despite the company’s booking stipulating a minimum of three participants, we defiantly signed up as a duo, gambling on the chance they might accommodate us upon arrival.

 Upon entering, our game master embarked on an impassioned soliloquy, her emotions palpable as she recounted her own harrowing experience attempting the same challenge with just two players. Despite her heartfelt plea for reconsideration, we remained resolute in our decision.

 Undeterred, we plunged into the depths of the adventure, braving the perils of the vault, toppling malevolent robots, and navigating a treacherous maze of sewers (thankfully devoid of their characteristic stench). Yet, amidst the adrenaline-fueled triumphs, frustrations arose as our game master faltered in her role, inadvertently disrupting our progress with untimely hints.

 Nevertheless, the experience proved enlightening, underscoring the profound truth that individual perspectives can drastically shape shared encounters. We departed with newfound wisdom, emphasizing the importance of forging our own paths and refraining from allowing our own or others’ setbacks to dictate our journey. Let this escapade serve as a testament: perseverance prevails in the pursuit of our ambitions.