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We entered the secret location of the evil General under the cover of being pest control technicians. We weren’t aware of what our cover would be before we arrived at the location, so we were scrambling to sound like we knew what we were talking about when we met the guard who would escort us throughout the building. It was an awkward conversation as one of us would take turns attempting to distract the guard while the other would search the room for clues. We were after the blueprints of the secret location so we could scan them, send them back to HQ, and then get out of there before our cover was blown.

We finally got rid of the guard for 30 minutes or so, allowing us to explore the facility further, and we found a missile ready to launch, with its destination being our HQ. After a few failed attempts at disarming it, we successfully disarmed it and fled the location before being captured. While we felt we weren’t being the most effective spies, we still got the job done. This parallels life when there are times when we don’t feel like we’re being successful at whatever we’re attempting, but as long as we get the job done, we should be proud that we persevered and finished.