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We had a serious mission to undertake – the doctor who invented time travel gravely messed up, resulting in chaos in our current timeline. As he traveled through different eras, he inadvertently left bits of the present in the past. Our job was to return to other times in history and retrieve the various objects, returning them to the present and saving the timeline. We started out in an alley and were able to work through a series of puzzles to activate the time machine, finding ourselves crawling through a tunnel and into the days of the caveman. After retrieving an object, we had to crawl through another tunnel and into the Wild West. 

Working through the various eras required a lot of crawling, and none of the time tunnels were outfitted with soft padding. We soon found ourselves with sore and bruised knees. We successfully reset the timeline, leaving the challenge bruised and battered. Lesson learned – we face many challenges in life, and we need to prepare for them as much as possible. It may feel silly bringing knee pads to an escape room experience, just as it may feel silly bringing a certain tool you think you need to work on a project, but you’ll thank yourself later for your amazing foresight.