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This was a magical mission. We each entered the forest with special tools: a magical wand, a sword, a crystal ball, and a magic book. We spent the first few minutes greeting the forest fairies and helping them get magical berries so that they would be helpful to us on the rest of our journey. They did end up assisting us quite a bit, between cracking jokes at our expense when we bumbled through a few challenges that came our way. At one point, we were trying to open a door into a house owned by dwarves to gather supplies for the next part of our journey. We struggled until one of the fairies suggested we use the sword as a door handle. Wow! It worked!

Once in the tiny house, we gathered most of the supplies. We struggled to figure out how to get to the final needed element to fully restore the magic in the forest well before the magic ran out and all the magical creatures in the surrounding forest died. Thankfully, a fairy popped in to make fun of us for not considering hoisting the crystal ball through a tunnel in the wall and using the sword as a crank. You’d think we learned that we needed to look at the tools in our hands differently and get creative from the first struggle we faced.

We did end up restoring the magic in the forest that day. And we walked away with another important lesson—our brains will look at a tool and think of using it in the way it was intended. But there are so many other ways to use the tools in our lives that can benefit us. In what way are you limiting yourself?