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Our mission was to find our way deep into a subway system as we’d received an anonymous tip that a terrorist had rigged a bomb to go off in just 60 minutes. We rode a subway car to an abandoned station, where we found a homeless person had set up camp. He was very helpful in pointing the way to a back tunnel where he had recently seen someone pass through with suspicious equipment. We were able to make our way through the tunnel and found the bomb! Unfortunately, it turns out that the homeless person was the terrorist who then trapped us with the bomb. We were down to eight minutes left on the countdown and scrambling to find clues for how to cut the wires to the bomb to disable it.

As we were focusing on disarming the bomb, we were finding it hard to concentrate as the terrorist was spouting nonsense as he waited for his creation to explode and obliterate all of us, along with half the city. We then turned our attention to the terrorist to negotiate a less violent end for us all and realized he was saying one word repeatedly. This one word was a clue for how to cut the wires best, which we then did successfully. The terrorist was taken away in handcuffs, and we were left to reflect on how often we tune out the very thing that could help us. What are you currently tuning out as noise? Is that a message that could help you move forward?