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We received information that the dark wizard was back, and we had to act fast to contain him before he could wreak havoc on the world again. To access his secret lair, we had to work through a series of challenges concerning the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. We took a while to search through the room and identify the tools we would need for each of the elemental puzzles and quickly worked through those related to fire, earth, and water. We were stumped when it came to air, though. We had no idea what we needed to do to work through it. We started trying different things, experimenting with ways we thought could solve the challenge. After a few attempts, the element suddenly activated, and a secret door began opening in the middle of the main table in the room.

Rather than pausing to figure out how we overcame the challenge, we decided to move on and went down a set of stairs that appeared after the secret door opened. We worked our way into a final room and were able to trap the wizard to keep him from further harming the magical community. Sometimes in life, we can make something happen without understanding how we did it. Of course, sometimes it helps to figure out what we did to be able to replicate it in the future. But other times, we must shrug, be grateful it worked out, and move on.