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We found ourselves in another asylum. This was different because they were experimenting on how willing people were to electrocute a test subject in the other room to escape. We worked through various challenges and found ourselves in an electrocution chamber. We realized that we were now part of the experiment and had to find a way out before the next group electrocuted one of us.

The atmosphere was intense as we could see the other people working their way through the challenges we had just completed and were attempting to complete our own before they succeeded in throwing the final switch, which would electrocute one of us currently strapped into a chair. To make matters worse, there was an urgent whispering voice telling us what needed to be done, loud music, and lights flashing. All of these were cultivated by the experimenters to create anxiety, taking away from the ability to focus and work through the tasks at hand.

Being experienced escapeletes, we knew that we needed to stay calm, shut out the distractions, and take the time to think through what needed to be done to escape. We succeeded just minutes before one of us met our untimely doom! We realized this was yet another reminder to stay calm and focused when there appears to be chaos around us, perhaps a looming deadline, an overwhelming task list, or whatever else a typical day throws at us. When we can take a moment to step out of the chaos and change our mindset, it is amazing how the clarity and focus gained can help us accomplish what we need.